RAW Bundle | Roller/Rolling Machine + Suffer/Magnetic Base + Cone Cutter


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What does this 3-In-1 RAW Bundle include?

  • 1 x RAW Cone Rolling Machine [King]
  • 1 x RAW Snuffer/Magnetic Base
  • 1 x RAW Cone Cutter with Poker

RAW Rolling Machine!
This premium 110mm cigarette rolling machine is the gold standard in loose tobacco rolling machines. Especially designed to fit King Size papers. Operated with a simple 4 steps, you can achieve the quality and consistency you can not get with the traditional hand rolling method. The result is a perfectly rolled cigarette every time, With maximum smokibility, minimum effort and little wasted tobacco. For paper size: 110mm King (blunt) construction: hemp plastic.


RAW Magnetic Aluminum Snuffer!
This nifty little gadget has a magnetic bottom that allows you to attach it to any metal ash or rolling tray. The sides are equipped with round tap points that ash your rolls and the cone-shaped center gently puts them out for future use. This tool ensures that no good smokes go to waste! Say goodbye to crumpled partials with the RAW Magnetic Aluminum Snuffer! This convenient and compact tool is designed to put out the rolls that you are unable.


RAW Cone Cutter!
Rest assured that this cutter will be able to give you a clean and expected cut on the tip of your prerolled cone every single time removing excess intrusive ash at will. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Left-Over Sprucer-Upper’! The RAW Cone Cutter has sharpened 80-degree blades designed specifically for snipping your RAW Smoke, this way you can easily trim off the end to make re-lighting taste better!

RAW Bundle | Roller/Rolling Machine + Suffer/Magnetic Base + Cone Cutter